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About Spatial

Spatial was built with the intention to showcase and share the research and development activities of the award-winning engineering team of L+R.


Our goal is keep the spirit of invention and innovation alive. We are guided by our dedication to increase collaboration within the global developer community.

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Our Process & Methodology

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L+R’s Digital Product Development Methodology is simple:
Maximize value.

The mobile development space is crowded with frameworks to create applications. Native development, Flutter, React, Kotlin Multiplatform, etc. are all competing to build the best apps.


We analyze the requirements and consider the viability of each of those tools in terms of dependencies, scalability, long-term support, and user experience to best leverage our expertise.


Once we have picked the right working environment, we agree on which architecture to use that will best meet the business goals and scale over the long term. Whether it’s MVC, MVVM, redux, or MVI, we follow SOLID principles to allow the app to scale and change and meet new features and improvements over the years to come.


Last but not least, before actual coding starts, we set up our Continuous Integration system for the project so that every line of code is automatically tested and reviewed by all programmers in the team to ensure no bugs sneak through to the end-users. Upon approval, a new version is instantly uploaded to our distribution channels so everyone has visibility on the current state of the apps as soon as possible and can provide feedback to improve the quality of the project.

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